Weekend Wrap Up

Last week, we had a fall break from school. While I still had work and a project to finish up, it was good to have time off of school. It came later this year than it has in the past. I think that’s a good thing though, because we only have 4 days of class before finals get rolling.  I originally planned to post numerous times during the course of last week, but it didn’t happen. Sometimes as a blogger, I get super caught up in writing posts and taking pictures instead of just living my life and taking in every minute that I can. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos and writing about my life, but sometimes I just need to slow down and thoroughly enjoy what is really important in my life (what a better time than during Thanksgiving?). I spent the last week enjoying time with family and friends and being super thankful for the blessings that God has given me.

 photo ee2ef944-ff9a-4d8e-be29-2fdb769621ea_zps8d288f7a.jpg

celebrated my Mom and Dad’s 24th wedding anniversary!

 photo ba339443-4e31-41c5-a8d8-23eb38f65a28_zps43b661b2.jpg

spent time with family and ate tons of delicious food. (Wish I would have gotten more pictures…)

 photo 3F03D1B6-4A57-406B-977E-A43C9B628D5B_zpszi0ykusa.jpg

shopped  ’til I dropped on Black Friday. I actually only bought one thing but I sure had a good time jumping in this huge pile of pet beds at Menard’s.

 photo 7D6000C1-F751-45D8-833C-747FBF4B4FA6_zpsdrerh4qk.jpg

helped my parents put up the christmas tree.

 photo 2C26BDF1-F296-400E-BEA1-FAE38D9A0E17_zpspny5ykdd.jpg

then put up a tiny one of my own.

 photo 4D8F049F-B1A7-4B06-BE1E-5A591913CA95_zpsio6ovnui.jpg

rushed the field after Mizzou beat Texas A&M because we are going to the SEC Championship!

 photo 0F43B5AB-A4A3-444B-BE45-DD39E96E43DB_zpsrzc7blnv.jpg

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week!


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