Date Night

One thing you may not know about Kevin is that he is the luckiest person that I have ever met. You may remember that Kevin called in to a radio station in April and won tickets to Fitz and the Tantrums. Welp, last week he called in and won tickets to see Matt Nathanson! It included tickets to the show and a little meet and greet concert. Here’s a little re-cap of our night:

 photo AB9610D8-CA51-4347-9EB1-4BEF57E5124D-2715-00000224635D6DBC_zps2eec5d59.jpg photo 3CE59A8F-4E98-4B1C-8B8D-9161DCB7B394-2715-000002249C0CDBC4_zps2af82316.jpg

That’s Matt in the middle.

 photo 5D842F47-B708-4968-9AB8-D991AEFBC2E1-2715-00000224A5449438_zpsdea122cb.jpg photo B2E36AA1-B954-452F-88DA-906EF076740B-2715-00000224B2EF6C85_zpsd4c1aef5.jpg photo A4226519-C260-4FD6-AD22-820C7AABD54E-2715-00000224B9D30941_zps2a9c49cf.jpg photo 558E57B7-4EDC-41F5-BD6E-B0D45A712825-2715-00000224BE87F75C_zpsdd73afb0.jpg

During the concert, Matt told us to take a selfie and then post it on twitter. When I posted the picture above, he tweeted back at me! HAHA


 photo E31B2D43-C817-48A4-AF1B-B8989D0ECFCD-2715-00000224C77FE269_zps1b79c414.jpg


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