Weekend Wrap Up

It was a pretty fantastic weekend all around. Seriously loved spending time with my best friends.

hiked rock bridge state park with Tricia on friday.

shopped with Brittany and Alex saturday morning.

rocked that new purple dress I bought last weekend, all over curls, and a spray tan.

enjoyed dinner with Kevin and some of our best friends.

danced the night away with Kevin in KC.

sang christmas music in the car on the way home from formal.

initiated seventeen gorgeous women into the active body of sigma phi lambda.

finished a group project i have been working on for a few weeks.

thankful that I will be on fall break in just five days.


 photo AEF43EDE-FDA0-4773-89E9-9FBDC5CF0A58-789-000000889CD9CB2B_zps6b7dce06.jpg photo 01F75E42-A7D4-4870-9148-5BC32367C2D5-789-00000088953C1CFA_zpsf12f718c.jpg photo D55C8376-7C6F-46FE-B9D3-B856BC6C2F0A-789-000000887CD9ABF5_zps8e03b1fd.jpg photo C2CD8952-39D9-4C33-8172-84F50612E7EB-789-0000008876A9D936_zpsc9644ac9.jpg photo F0CD1672-DDF2-43A7-AAE1-464A1191A8E1-789-000000886B340357_zps197af3a4.jpg photo 4BFB0CE3-9CB1-451D-B753-354235A4B7C5-789-00000088636520DB_zps664a9557.jpg photo BE14B135-74F6-45F4-81D9-D2E4F760CC24-789-000000885AA0D0EC_zps83eb29b4.jpg photo D80D353D-4E9D-4647-BB7C-795ACA024E40-789-00000088562E756D_zpsc38fc97c.jpg photo 1E710F44-E481-4DC2-94E6-42081E31D69A-789-000000884FFBD68E_zpse8e98bc3.jpg photo 19F7B25E-4E18-4304-8DB9-58F09FA5906E-789-000000883C423436_zps4434b198.jpg photo 5FDA3586-CF6A-4F84-BEE3-4303B51DDB90-789-0000008845E588F5_zps5b3a2f5f.jpg photo 55BE1FD0-B1DC-4E75-A23B-858057AECDEA-789-0000008840818CA5_zps6faa717a.jpg photo 273A0740-3ABD-4D75-804A-91A8B3CE79AC-789-000000884A0280A8_zpsd4922fe2.jpg


Thanks for reading!

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