Better Late Than Never

November. Already? Goodness, I am enjoying this season more than I have in the past. Plus, we just “fell back” for day light savings, so that definitely helps fall seem better. AM I RIGHT?! 

 photo pumpkin_zps477d10af.jpg

so enjoyed doing a photo challenge in October, so much so that I’ll be doing another one this month. It will be a little different, thanks to an app called “Collect”. It’s pretty great and it reminds you to take a photo and upload it to the app, then at the end of the month, you have a calendar full of photos and it looks really neat. My theme for the photos this month is thankful. I have been uploading the photos I have taken so far to the app and also to instagram, which is always pretty awesome because a lot of people post about what they are thankful for as well, such a reminder of God’s blessings! I am hoping to do some posts on being thankful and I also want to bring back my word of the year for a post or two!

what are you posting on instagram? link your username below, I’d love to check it out.



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