Close Up

 photo IMGP0006_zpse96709ea.jpg photo IMGP0009_zps5664cc98.jpg

Close up photography, or macro, has always been my favorite. I love how interesting it is and how much texture you can see the closer that you get to an object. I got my first taste of macro at the Missouri Botanical Gardens around fiveish years ago. I had only a point-and-shoot camera at the time, and took as many photos as I could and I got as close up as the camera would allow. I got many photos of things from bees pollinating to leaves changing colors and I can’t help but think of how amazing it is to see how God makes things to grow and work together. The better I become, the more detailed and sharp the photos are. As I play around with settings and bokeh (out of focus parts in the photo, like the first photo) the more and more I can’t get enough of this kind of photography.

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