Homecoming 2013

It’s hard to believe that this is my last homecoming as a student. These four years have flown by! This year for homecoming, Phi Lamb decided to participate with Orgs and BYX was paired up with ZTA and Ag Sig. Super enjoyed the whole week, even though I was suffering a concussion for most of it. Our city was New Orleans and the boys had Louisville, Kentucky. On Friday we “decorated the district” by painting all the shop windows downtown. Our shop was U Kneed Sweets, a bakery that is owned by the parents of a Phi Lamb alum, so naturally we had to get some cupcakes. BYX + ZTA + Ag Sig decorated YoGoLuv. That evening, we went to greek town to watch all the house dec skits. The next morning we were up early for the parade, which I didn’t walk in. I did meet up with Phi Lamb beforehand to take some photos though! Brittany and I watched the parade from right in front of the judges stand, so we pretty much had the best seats in the house. After, we tailgated for a good six hours and Tony got a hold of the camera. The game was good for the first 3 quarters and then we just gave it up. Kind of a bummer to end up losing, but I loved cheering on my Tigers!!

 photo 0C0184EB-B910-411B-BD12-288222CA73BA-13442-00000AA203F21128_zps15c0147f.jpg photo B67A1C15-7059-41E1-A005-02B78C2FDDA0-13442-00000AA23C6A7424_zps13bbe789.jpg photo 4AE24ECA-FAFF-4DD0-A4E0-066763145815-13442-00000AA24B52F7D9_zps89111c57.jpg photo 4AAE2B5D-5CC6-4ECA-A3AF-7AE3B1E00D1F-13442-00000AA210CD6C36_zpseb6f3425.jpg photo 03805AD6-3E75-4A7F-AF1B-66678F1163C6-13442-00000AA21CF5140E_zps0b3a18c4.jpg photo 7378B9BD-1B27-4489-9CD7-4A766A776B95-13442-00000AA1F2FB0F99_zps2e165929.jpg photo IMGP0015_zps04e008f8.jpg photo IMGP0013_zpsc61ac8bf.jpg photo IMGP0004_zpsab67020a.jpg photo IMGP0021_zps29ef579e.jpg photo IMGP0001-001_zps5d3f73fa.jpg photo IMGP0004-001_zps602481f9.jpg photo IMGP0006-001_zps3bc523ad.jpg photo IMGP0015-001_zpsef704f5d.jpg photo IMGP0044_zps2c1ca8cc.jpg photo 6A57CF1D-FD0E-4CAF-8890-184AA712408B-13442-00000AA2695DD07C_zpsbf140c6f.jpg photo IMGP0046_zpsa8e92f26.jpg photo IMGP0050_zpsad10cae2.jpg photo IMGP0056_zps44dbef6f.jpg photo IMGP0059_zpsc8218807.jpg photo IMGP0074_zpsa78bc19d.jpg photo IMGP0077_zpsd85eeeb6.jpg photo IMGP0079_zps9703d215.jpg photo IMGP0080_zps2b5ec4f2.jpg photo IMGP0081_zpsca897303.jpg photo IMGP0084_zps77694208.jpg photo 465E49DB-FE37-40DB-8CAA-EDB7F707C4A5-13442-00000AA277E85C29_zps477a9977.jpg


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