Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about:

listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas radio on iTunes. Don’t judge me, it’s November.

taking it easy and sleeping a ton.

watching my tigers win – from the couch.

preparing my planner for this crazy month.

drinking hot apple cider.

feeling inspired by all kinds of Christmas decorations.

loving the color of the trees right now and the warmish weather.

thankful for family and friends.

 photo IMG_9531_zpsf9c6bba0.jpg photo IMG_9537_zps96563dac.jpg photo IMG_9535_zpsdb67c840.jpg photo IMG_9548_zps643b074a.jpg photo IMG_9549_zps270f2d99.jpg photo IMG_9550_zpsfebd4d57.jpg photo IMG_9562_zps3fc9a19c.jpg photo IMG_9564_zpsef41ed4d.jpg photo IMG_9567_zps87962efb.jpg photo IMG_9568_zpsd1e65d23.jpg


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