Black and White

 photo 398F0B81-2890-41ED-BD7F-570A5A10DE54-2955-0000023ED7BA58E5_zpsb6d6da79.jpg photo 105c734f-04d9-4686-8790-cf0ee96bae6c_zps691b1d79.jpg photo 7FFD4B29-18F6-4CB9-996E-66CA64ED2284-2955-0000023EAEFD2A39_zps43fbbd99.jpg photo A9FE5D9F-5BCB-4195-BCB7-C9F7937B50B5-2955-0000023E9E4392F7_zpsbf00d924.jpg

 photo 17899168-45D5-44F0-BCB7-0EA1096ECF34-2955-0000023E8085560F_zpsaa43d794.jpg


For for next week: close-up


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