Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about:

celebrating the Cardinal’s going to the World Series.

chomping the gator fans right out of the stadium.

awaiting the BCS rankings, MIZZOU is 5, yay!

reading The Cuckoo’s Calling.

preparing for homecoming week!

figuring out my schedule for my last semester.

 photo 3C7E7521-B32F-4035-8612-81C26CB97085-1030-000000CFD5E288B5_zps4ed9ef10.jpg photo 4E6CE4B3-762D-471E-B7C8-9BFE16BD6344-1030-000000CFDE9637E1_zpscca9076f.jpg photo 084EDCC2-5415-4B83-AA8F-7FCAE874E039-1030-000000CFCB53F1F0_zps9b9161fd.jpg

 photo F5BBF188-D276-4891-94F7-80BE971AA654-1030-000000CFEF955B70_zps79861602.jpg


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