Cake Pop Fail

Ha! For the last couple of weeks, there has been a bake sale in the student center at school and we have been indulging in cake pops. They were delicious and perfect little spheres. At one dollar a pop, I thought, surely I can make them, it can’t be too hard. So I bought all the stuff (using instructions from my roommate Tricia) and got all set up. I went out and bough special chocolate that is easier to melt in the microwave.

I started out making a cake (red velvet, Kevin’s favorite) using the instructions on the box. Once the cake is done, you crumble it up into little tiny pieces.

 photo IMGP0003_zpsa9e041ed.jpg

Ok, pretty straight forward. Now, mix that with 3/4 tub of icing making it creamy.
 photo IMGP0004_zps23c8e569.jpg

Alright. I got this. Now, roll into balls and put them in the freezer for 30 mins. Towards the end of their freezer time, start melting the chocolate. Now here’s the problem. This special chocolate that was supposed to be melted in the microwave burnt within the first  30 seconds of heating (and it said to melt at 30 second increments). So I started over, taking it slower. 10 seconds at a time. Ok. We’re good. But it’s still way too “solid” and I know that heating will just burn it again. So I just wing it. I put the sticks in the chocolate and then stick them into the cake balls.

 photo IMGP0005_zps154e4f81.jpg

As soon as I let these dry LIKE THE DIRECTIONS SAY, I stick them into the chocolate coating. It comes out a complete mess.

 photo IMGP0007_zps8e9b063b.jpg

Like, I don’t even know how that back one doesn’t have chocolate on it after dipping it into the bowl… Also, you can tell how well the sticks worked…HA!

 photo IMGP0009_zpseaebe304.jpg

Haha, I don’t even know. Finally, I just start googling. The first search phrase: “how to make chocolate more liquidy”. After a few more specific searches, I finally come up with pour a little vegetable oil in there. And it kinda works…

 photo IMGP0011_zpsee98d3cc.jpg

By the time I figured it out, there is enough to make about 6 cake pops. TA-DA!  BUT NO…

 photo IMGP0010_zps865e5765.jpg

You don’t need a cake pop stand, they said. Ha! I don’t know if they HELD THEM the whole time or what, but just a forewarning, trying to prop them in mugs/cups doesn’t work! Luckily, I already had 4 in bags and 5 of them didn’t make it all the way to the floor, and weren’t too cracked. So I let a Kevin and couple friends try them, and the verdict was that they were good! So, I will be trying these again in the near future! Let me know in the comments if you have any cake ball tips and tricks for me!

After this, I was pretty discouraged until I came upon this post on pinterest.

Here are a couple more, just for entertainment purposes (and to make me feel better).




















































I was dying looking at these! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! HA! Happy almost weekend everyone! :)



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