Project Life 2013: Weeks Twenty Six, Twenty Seven, Twenty Eight, Twenty Nine and Thirty

Weeks Twenty Six and Twenty Seven:

…because sometimes I just don’t have enough photos to fill up a whole week.

 photo IMGP0007_zps580e37e8.jpg

Spent Fourth of July week at the lake with Kevin, Tony, Alex and Kevin’s family.  photo IMGP0008_zps4166aeb1.jpgThen I headed back to Columbia for one shift at work and then home for Eric’s birthday and a little break. photo IMGP0009_zpsea73183c.jpg

Week Twenty Eight:
 photo IMGP0010_zps8ec469fc.jpg

I spent most of this week with my cousins, so it was pretty great.  photo IMGP0012_zps4e537bc4.jpg

I felt like I had a mini-me and I totally ate that up. We spent a lot of time at the pool and I even had time for a couple DIYs. photo IMGP0013_zpsd0812860.jpg

I’m still digging those quotes, they are pretty easy to just stick in where ever.

Week Twenty Nine:
 photo IMGP0021_zpsafcba78f.jpg

Mia and I made a mini scrapbook for my Grandma and we went to VB chocolate bar for dessert! photo IMGP0023_zps7c902d17.jpg

On the last day of my cousin being in town, we had some pineapple pancakes (a Hawaii tradition). Notice Eric’s new exhaust in the top right picture.

 photo IMGP0020_zps42737eff.jpg

Week Thirty:
 photo IMGP0025_zps7365a6c7.jpg

Had “coffee” with Brittany, Taylor, and Meg. This week Kevin also got a new bike-yay! photo IMGP0026_zpsf5728bcc.jpg

This weekend, I went to a Latte Art showdown with Taylor and Brittany. They had tons of free food and the latte pictured was the winning one. Kevin and I also went out to dinner and I snapped the bottom left photo with my self-timer which caught him by surprise. Haha!  photo IMGP0024_zps295e7326.jpg

I know that these were from forever ago but I’m trying to play catch up. Hopefully in just a few weeks I’ll be up to date! Thanks for reading!



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