Picnic at the Big Tree!

Last Christmas, Kevin gave me a coupon book full of fun dates for us to go on this year! We have already done quite a few, but I really wanted to get in the picnic before it gets too cold. We both had plans this weekend but then when they fell through, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity. He picked me up with a “picnic basket” all prepared with tons of yummy food and then we headed out toward the big tree. He had bread, lunch meat, chips, hummus, drinks-he had thought of everything! It was so awesome. So we sat on the blanket and talked, laughed, and admired the amazing weather. Seriously, I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day. After, we drove around and explored the area. The trees are starting to change colors now, my absolute favorite. Love love loved this day.

 photo IMGP0003-001_zpsab1bb0b0.jpg
 photo IMGP0016_zps9eb052d7.jpg photo IMGP0013_zps076378d6.jpg photo IMGP0009_zps7d69f84a.jpg photo IMGP0019_zpsa347fd8a.jpg
 photo IMGP0030_zpsaee5518d.jpg photo IMGP0031_zps899cddc6.jpg photo IMGP0034_zps0c36f605.jpg photo IMGP0040_zpscab7bba9.jpg photo IMGP0051_zps3be9a876.jpg photo IMGP0055_zpsd3b9ebd5.jpg photo IMGP0060_zps8d6b7900.jpg photo IMGP0067_zps4b46c0a0.jpg photo IMGP0070_zps9a04c5c9.jpg photo IMGP0071_zps67e67062.jpg photo IMGP0072_zps76786bc3.jpg photo IMGP0073_zps3c6f634b.jpg


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