Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about:

retreating with my sweet phi lamb sisters. 

watching Mizzou beat Georgia, the Cardinals beat the Dodgers, and the Blues beat the Rangers. BOOM!

catching up on sleep.

breathing deep and taking in every single moment.

ignoring the fact that I graduate in a semester and a half.

thanking God for His abundant blessings.

listening to Lorde on repeat.

picniking with Kevin at the Big Tree.

enjoying the wonderful fall weather.


 photo 47B02937-9675-4905-A8C5-2506B2579135-1220-000000EB3A46267B_zps86d46566.jpg photo 348E93A7-0C51-4D13-8029-EF876C51485C-1220-000000EB7601C372_zps24107bd3.jpg photo F0060BD1-FE0C-4F49-ACE1-E16DCD588159-1220-000000EB7DC10E1A_zps90010a5a.jpg photo A8E6DBB3-F2CA-4D8F-9A72-7CA2673360DF-1220-000000EB8C83A1B9_zps3749727e.jpg photo IMGP0007_zps9aea98b5.jpg photo IMGP0017_zpsc3ad13a7.jpg photo IMGP0031_zps7d1d1ac7.jpg photo F53687DD-9C1F-4FE4-B73D-48D66C0CDC62-1220-000000EB9B5ED2A9_zpsd39fa1c3.jpg

This weekend was pretty darn amazing, one of the best! Thanks for reading!


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