MO Cowbell

Well, after about 5 months of training and preparing, we finally finished the MO Cowbell race on Sunday. My Mom and I completed the half marathon relay (about 6.5 miles each) and Kevin, Denise, and Chris did the half marathon (13.1 miles)! This was my longest race so far, and I could not be more happy with how I did. During the last couple weeks of training I really picked it up causing some medial tibial stress syndrome (aka shin splints) and some pain in my 1st MTP joint. Regardless, I told myself that I was going to run all of it minus the hill, and I did. I was pretty proud of myself and I cannot wait to keep training just to keep myself in the running game.

Here are a couple of pictures from the race, all taken with cell phones (hence the quality).

This one is of my Mom and I before the race got started. Because we were doing the relay, my Mom started at the starting line with all of the other runners and I had to catch a shuttle to the halfway point where she was going to meet me. photo A0BCA044-6177-48EB-9159-1DE0E4BD6E95-3377-000002D54F1BB0D1_zps78be86e8.jpgWhile my Dad and I waited for my turn to run, we walked around to get warmed up (it was freeeeeezing). We walked around New Town, a neighborhood/community that we were running through. It was pretty interesting and had tons of little statue animals that I obviously needed to get my picture taken with. photo 3315E77F-32A2-42E7-A06C-14521651906F-3377-000002D59AA16987_zps4efb806c.jpgThere was also a really pretty sunrise that we got to watch, and I couldn’t help myself. photo EFAC8643-5F29-49EF-8DC4-59AE1CF1CCC1-3377-000002D5A677ED40_zps42d847ac.jpg photo 5E2B69F3-D1ED-4CEB-9723-FEB71F174D37-3377-000002D5B242580D_zps4dc4e11c.jpgHere is a picture of Kevin and Denise that I snapped while they were passing. Turns out that I got to run with them for a little bit! So cool! photo D59A6815-5666-488D-BD59-CAA90C5D4B76-3377-000002D5C011C49A_zpscbd87cf1.jpgHere is the hill I walked up. Had to take a picture, because why not? Once I got running, I realized how perfect the weather was for a run. It was cool and a little breezy, but that is always better than being drenched in sweat. At least in my opinion. photo D2F68CD2-4A63-406B-97A8-691B3E3F13F0-3377-000002D5CC6A56ED_zpsf6a11654.jpg

Here are pictures of me (and my mom) running. Not quite sure who snapped these, but I love them. I actually look like a legit runner.

 photo 906C6B20-4A08-4F0C-9943-C85A7F24A352-3377-000002D5F6B0CF74_zps96afd00f.jpg photo 87761932-4CC1-4283-9062-E8136481C9C8-3377-000002D5FEF0094B_zpsa099cd5a.jpg

It’s kinda like this:

45c34-how_i_think_i_look-scaled1000But anyways, I guess I was smiling when I was running because one of the people cheering us on told me not to stop smiling, so that was pretty encouraging and hilarious because, I sure didn’t feel happy. HAHA! My Momma met up with me for the last half mile or so of the race and we got to finish it together. That was really awesome. I am so proud of her! At the end, we took some pictures and ate some bananas, toast, bagels, and drank protein and BEER, but not together! I’ve never really understood the whole beer thing after a race (can we call it carb replenishment?), but hey, who am I to complain? photo 684563AB-2ED0-466D-80B4-0617B77E57EF-3377-000002D5DB3230F7_zpsd01618ab.jpgFinally, here is the whole gang!  photo 72F6B44B-9DFE-462C-BAD2-143AD4E6338B-3377-000002D5EBD0FC8E_zps82b4a16b.jpg

Thanks for reading!


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