photo IMGP0020_ovtober_zps12e37243.jpg
Since I was a little girl, summer has always been my favorite. Summer always meant no school and plenty of time to relax by the pool with friends. Even in high school, my jobs took up around 20-25 hours and summer still had the same magical feeling. Well, after working a full time job last summer, things kind of changed. It was still summer, but it seemed more hot and miserable since I was inside all of the time. Last year, fall became my new favorite. We got very lucky with mild weather into December and now that summer is over, I’m getting pretty excited for warm drinks, football games, sweaters, boots, and leaves changing colors. Since things outside are getting prettier, I thought it would be the perfect time for a photo challenge.

Each week in October, I am going to choose a word and then take photos of things that describe that word. Then at the end of the week, I’ll post the pictures + the next week’s word! If you would like to embark on this challenge with me, link your blog below!

Week one: Light


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