DIY Gatas

Check out my DIY gatas! I am super excited about these shoes, because not only did I completely decorate them, but all of the money is going directly to my church, Missio Dei, to help fund a mission trip!

To make these, I grabbed a couple fine point sharpies in my favorite colors and checked out some of the things I had recently pinned. I wanted to go for things that I really love looking at: henna, flowers and feathers. Then I added some bible verses, quotes, and some of my favorite things. These make me so happy.

 photo IMG_8949_zps6bce8f75.jpg photo IMG_8953_zps534677db.jpg photo IMG_8957_zpsd57f6c5f.jpg

“Some see a weed, I see a wish”

 photo IMG_8961_zpse7a62232.jpg photo IMG_8963_zps3fe78882.jpg photo IMG_8967_zpseecdf817.jpg photo IMG_8971_zpsd952bcca.jpg photo IMG_8976_zps869b8dd2.jpg photo IMG_8981_zps89162438.jpg

This exact same thing would work on Toms, Bobs, keds, or vans!

Columbia friends, if you are interested in a pair like this (but customized to your style), let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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