Our Story

She met him in fifth grade.

He liked her, she was shy.

She hated wearing dresses, his hair had frosted tips.

He drew a heart on the glass, she giggled.

He liked words and writing, she liked math.

They went to the same middle school the next year.

Friends told them that they argued like a married couple, they laughed.

They went to the cardinals game and out to lunch on half days.

They were friends until their senior year of high school.

They both wanted more.

He asked her to be his girlfriend, she said yes.

She likes the Blues, he prefers the Cardinals.

He decided to go to Mizzou, she did too.

He came to college for business, she came for math.

His mind was made up, hers changed.

She likes photography and art, he likes running and biking.

They are both bloggers.

He can make anyone laugh, especially her.

He is calm and collected, she can get a little sassy.

She watches Top Gear, he watches Breaking Bad.

He loves the city, she digs road trips.

They want to travel the world, together.

They have been together for four years, she really loves him.



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