Instax Photos


For my birthday, my parents gave me the Instax mini 7s camera. Needless to say, it’s my new BFF. I have taken less than 10 photographs with it, yet I love it so much. Before I started using it, I checked out a couple blogs but all were written by fairly experienced users, mostly giving general photography tips, instead of camera specific ones.

One thing I realized very quickly is that what you see through the view finder isn’t exactly what you will see in the printed picture because the lens and view finder don’t line up perfectly. This isn’t too much of a problem, but something to consider especially while photographing people. I can say that it is defiantly awesome to have pictures right away (perfect for mini books—yay, I can’t wait)!

Anyways, here are a few that I have taken with the first batch of film:


This was the first one, extremely blurry because I was too close and a bit over exposed. At this point, I wasn’t aware that the flash was going to go off each time I took the picture. An odd feature if you ask me, but it does give exposure-like settings that allow you to switch between indoor, cloudy, sunny, and really sunny.


This was the second one. More in focus but pretty dark this time. I was indoors with a light on and the flash too!


This one has a glare from the flash, after this I read that a lot of people cover the flash with tape or their hand to get less burn out in the middle of the photo.


The first one I took outside. Love it, love the colors!


Another one that’s way too bright. For this, I accidentally left it on indoor mode even though the subject was in full sun. Silly me! Still really interesting turn out and I don’t hate it.


So I think I have the outdoor, day time photos down. This is the quad at Mizzou. So pretty!


This last one was taken during sunset. It came out a bit darker than I was expecting but I still think its pretty neat! I also took one of some of my sorority sisters, it turned out cute and a little off center! Ah well. Another I took of a lamp but I wasn’t close enough so it didn’t turn out as I had expected!

All in all, I’m loving it. It’s so much fun and since I have had a bit of practice I know what to expect next time. Obviously I made some rookie mistakes but I’m glad I used the first pack of film to try things out and I definitely can’t wait to keep shooting with it!


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