Kevin and Jacqueline Taste Columbia: Sunflower Waffle Food Truck

This morning for brunch, Kevin and I tried Sunflower Waffle Truck that was hanging out at the Farmers & Artisans Market downtown. photo IMG_8374_zpsf6488a39.jpg photo IMG_8375_zps63735370.jpg photo IMG_8376_zpsc9eff4e9.jpg photo IMG_8378_zpsf6844403.jpgWhile waiting for our food to be ready, we walked around the market and checked out some pretty cute little tents of fruits, veggies, and handmade items. photo IMG_8379_zpse2bfb431.jpg photo IMG_8380_zpsf1fc1db9.jpg photo f0262a7d-2322-4530-b0fb-98b52f7db287_zps6e839738.jpg photo IMG_8382_zps16587d84.jpg

I’ve only tried a food truck once before, so when we saw that this was an option, I was stoked to try it.

I got the Sol Waffle (pesto, eggs, cheese, and a waffle) and Kevin got Chicken and Waffles with gravy.  photo IMG_8383_zps5169e7a7.jpg photo IMG_8384_zpse80a19f8.jpg


I almost decided not to write about this because I actually wasn’t the hugest fan. The eggs and pesto-amazing; the waffle itself was extremely bland and had flax seeds or something inside of it. What made me still post this though, is that I would give it another chance and try something else. What Kevin got looked really good and he said it was “interesting” when I asked if he liked it. On the side of their truck it also looked like they also have an extended menu, which looked a lot better than the abbreviated one that was available today. If you see them around, definitely give them a try and form your own opinions about the waffles and chicken craze!

Check out their facebook page and their twitter.

 photo 8a72808c-a4f6-48f4-a10c-e5df9fe3ac5f_zps68531069.jpg

Also, on the way out, I had to stop back by one of the tents for this cute little Christmas Cactus. 


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