Favorite Links

I’m all about finding inspiration and here are some blogs and fun sites I have found myself lately:

KevinReape.com: this is my boyfriend’s blog. He is awesome and an amazing writer; the reason I even started blogging. He writes about fitness/health/marketing/reading. Tons of great stuff, this one and this one are two of my favorites.

X Ray Photography: Laura posted this on my facebook wall earlier this week, and it’s beyond cool. Definitely some photography inspiration.

Inspirational Pictures and Quotes: Pretty cool uses of typography going on along with some of my favorite quotes. I like to look at this when I’m looking for inspiration for trying out new handwritings.

Rainy Cafe: Kevin showed me this awhile back. It’s an ambient noise maker that can sound like rain, a coffee shop or both. You can change the volumes and use headphones so that you have that background noise without the distraction of hearing whole conversations. Definitly a good one to write/blog/study to.

BlogLovin: When I was in the process of looking for more blogs, a friend suggested this one. You can search interests and blogs that write about that topic come up. You can either add them to your feed, or move on. It’s also a good one to add your blog to for more hits if your not already on there!

The Notebook Doodles: Another typography blog.Tons of cute quotes and writing styles.

Alyssa Joy: A christian blog about every topic you can think of. One of my favs.

Brittany Mooney: The blog of one of my sweet friends. She writes about all kinds of things including movie reviews, Jesus, and quotes she loves.

Everyday Elsie: one of the ladies from A Beautiful Mess. I love her personal blog because it has a lot of pictures of her home and of herself. One thing I really want to work on is more pictures of me, so this is where I’m getting my inspiration.

Sierra Shea and Katie Raines: two former sorority sisters who have some great things to say.

So there are some of my favorites that I have been checking in on recently.

Are there any blogs or websites you just can’t get enough of? Do you want your blog to be a part of my next “Favorite Links” post? Leave the URLs below and I’ll check them out!


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