DIY Calendar

I have the hardest time finding a planner that works well for my life. I normally want something where I can have a monthly view, a weekly view and then plenty of room to write what I need to study or do for my classes each day. I also need a to do list for each week and plenty of space to write things I will need to remember in the near future.

After looking and not finding, I decided to make my own. On first thought, I was going to make PDFs of pages that I wanted but in the long run, that was going to end up too big and bulky.

After a while of thinking and many trips to the store, I decided that I was going to buy a sketchbook to use. I got them from Micheal’s, who conveniently had them on sale for $2.99. I also bought some watercolors to use for the book. An art journal/planner/to do list/calendar/inspiration book. Yep, that would be perfect. So, I set to work drawing out the calendar and painting on some pages.

Now, we are starting up classes and I have a planner that is perfect for me. It took some creativity and time, but it was so worth it to have something that works for me.

 photo IMGP0002_zps2d4d5046.jpg photo IMGP0010_zpsae645a5e.jpg photo IMGP0014_zpsf80a4636.jpg photo IMGP0015_zpse524ced0.jpg photo IMGP0017_zps9d2fb105.jpg photo IMGP0019_zps860663fc.jpg photo IMGP0020_zpsc6c2eed6.jpg photo IMGP0021_zpsf419de9f.jpg photo IMGP0023_zpsa82b2024.jpg photo IMGP0024_zps5e9318ec.jpg photo IMGP0026_zpsb9c2cff7.jpg photo IMGP0027_zps4f7d41e9.jpg

So easy to take every where and perfectly un-perfect for writing absolutely anything and everything. It’s like an organized junk drawer crammed into a hardback book.


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