Life Update

Welp, today marks the beginning of my last year of school as an undergrad. It’s kind of a bittersweet feeling. I want to be done, but at the same time, I just love it here so much. I am lucky to be taking lighter loads this last year than I ever have before, thanks to the college credit classes that I took in high school. If you are interested, I am taking Kinesiology, Sports Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Nutritional Assessment, and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. Not too shabby.

Yesterday, I printed out all of my syllabi, got my books together, and got ready for today. I am thankful to be parking in the middle of campus, where I no longer have to ride the bus. Hallelujah, cuz I had some bad bus experiences. But, I’m ready!

As of yesterday, I am finished at the hotel job. I really loved it and learned a ton from it, yet it was really going to hold me back from Phi Lamb, Missio Dei, and Mizzou football games. I am still working at the housekeeping job during the school year because it is extremely flexible and only takes up time during the school day when I am not in class. This leaves my evenings and weekends free for studying and anything else that needs to be done!



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