Crafting Through College

Recently, my friend and sorority sister Kaitlyn started her own small business at Mizzou called Crafting Through College. She is making tons of cute, customized projects that can be given for anything from Big/Little gifts to birthday presents!

She is extremely talented at what she does, and sells her artwork through her facebook page (which you can find by clicking HERE or by searching Crafting Through College on facebook).

Here are some of the things that she has made (*these photos are borrowed from her facebook page, with her permission). To see more, click on the picture and it will take you to the facebook page where you can click through her other artwork!

The ones posted above are custom canvas art and painted coolers, but she also does Bubba Jugs, sorority letters, door plaques, wreaths, custom painted sorority paddles and pin boxes, hand painted picture frames, hand painted pint glasses, wine glasses, margarita glasses (regular and oversized) and shot glasses.

Check out these things that she has made for me:

 photo IMGP0070_zps66aebae3.jpg photo IMGP0072_zpsc494e3cc.jpg photo IMGP0047_zpsd2469b9a.jpg photo IMGP0034_zps360f188b.jpg

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