Find Your Voice: Lesson Five Series of Paintings

For Lesson Five, we were prompted to “Find a project with someone’s style that you really admire (famous or not), and would like to emulate. Use that project as your inspiration. When you’re finished look at the differences between your project and the original inspiration piece. What is different? What is the same? Are you happy with the things that you changed? Why?”

I didn’t necessarily choose one persons work but a few. I wanted to do a series for my room and really liked:elise


508f2da984688c1f05ef41bf68f986ddI wanted it to be pretty different, so here is my series:
 photo IMGP0004-001_zps4a1469a3.jpg

So basically, I changed almost everything. I really liked the idea of a series and the color scheme, yet wanted it to go with my room (I have lots of blues/teals) and kind of bring the colors that I have together. For the top, I looked at a couple drawings and paintings and combined the ones that I liked. For the middle, I taped geometric shapes off and then randomly painted with different tints of two colors. Finally, a bike. I have no idea what possessed me to paint a bike, especially because last time I was on one I ended up bleeding. But, I do know that when I was in a bike shop with Kevin last, I was totally inspired and I’m on board to give biking another go (a little farther away from campus, cars, and lots of people). Plus Kevin is all about them, so why not?


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