14 of 21 DIY Projects: Recovering Pillows

Before heading back to school a few weeks ago, I spent a little time recovering some pillows that my Grandma gave me.
IMG_8019I was pretty picky with fabric because I wanted the pillows to be more durable than comfortable. I figured that we could use them against the wall or on the floor to lay on, but probably not to sleep on.IMG_8009 Before going to the store, I measured the pillows so that I would buy the right amount of fabric. I ended up buying around 2 yards for my 24 inch by 24 inch pillows. I also knew that because of what I wanted to use them for, that being able to wash them would be ideal. I decided to make a sort of sham where the back would be an open flap instead of completely sewing the pillows inside. I cut the front so that it was 25 inches by 25 inches(to allow for seam allowance) but then I cut two back panels 25 inches by 14 inches and 25 inches by 16 inches so that they would overlap. IMG_8021 Here you can see more clearly how they overlap.IMG_8022On the two back panels (and the side where I would be putting the pillows in), I measured 1/2 inch folded, pinned, and ironed and then did that again so that I would have clean edges on my overlapping part.IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8025 Then I sewed along the edge to make a nice, clean line.IMG_8026 Finally, I put the right sides together, pinned, and then sewed around the entire pillow. Then using the opening in the back, I tucked the pillows inside, and then wah-lah!IMG_8027


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