Find Your Voice: Lesson Six

1. Describe your favorite ways to organize the ideas in your head. Do you like mind maps? Do you like lists? Are you more comfortable with all your words or are you better with drawings and doodles as well?

I’m definitely a lister. It’s funny how I have done it my whole life but haven’t really realized it until now. I list out everything, particularly to-dos. I try to doodle and draw if it’s for a project, but I’m definitely not going to doodle out a to-do list. Also, I like them to be perfect and I have admittedly ripped out the piece of paper and started over (yep, on a to-do list..) multiple times.

2. Pick out a story that you’ve been wanting to tell. Use design concepts, styles, materials, emotions, words, pictures, etc. Just start writing some notes and thoughts. Go.

While I was trying to come up with something to write about, I asked Kevin for his opinion. I was thinking I was going to write about some big event in my life (past vacations from when I was little). But, instead, he gave me ideas of smaller things-little tid bits about my life that make me, me. He sparked my inspiration by giving me the idea to write about Black Friday shopping and all of the crazy ornaments my family puts on our tree…(I think he has Christmas on the brain).

What I want to do for this is go through each month telling what I am thankful for (including those two things Kevin suggested). Instead of writing about a long ago vacation, he reminded me of the just-as-important important smaller things. The sweet dates Kevin and I have been on to silly family traditions. Instead of doing a big project, I want to incorporate this into the Find Your Voice book that I have been making to remind me that I can (and should) write about every thing, big and small because its all so important!

Some things will be a lot more general and some things will probably hit an emotion, but I need to do it. I might do bullet points and I might do small paragraphs, I have yet to decide. I’ll include pictures if I have them, or doodles if my brain is working that way.

3. Sum up that story in 2-3 sentences.

I am thankful and I am blessed. Every detail of family traditions, girls’ nights out, and each date is worth remembering when you enjoy it as much as I am.

4. Think about your story and use the space below to create an organized outline of your project. To get started, think about things like: How are you going to create your project? What medium will you use to tell your story? What materials are you going to use?

I talked about my project a little before. I am thinking it will be a hybrid between the One Thousand Gifts challenge and small paragraphs. I want to write or type it into small paragraphs and then stick it right in there with everything else that I have been learning. This is a learning experience and I need it.

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