Currently: August 3

 photo IMGP0006-001_zps1e527a7e.jpg photo IMGP0003-002_zps3f92b1a0.jpg photo IMGP0005-002_zpsa8eefa62.jpg photo IMGP0010-001_zps25fcc785.jpg photo IMGP0014-001_zps53b73f43.jpg photo IMGP0021-001_zpsf57c8dc8.jpg photo IMGP0022-001_zpse5862ba6.jpg photo IMGP0023-001_zps0e93066b.jpg photo IMGP0032-001_zpsf67d0ec8.jpg

Recently, I decided to purchase a wireless shutter release for my camera. When it came on Friday, I was stoked. I played around with it for a while, but I didn’t really get to do much until this morning.

Last night, I did take two pictures-the one of just me (my first time trying it out) and the one of Kevin and I (where I accidentally cropped his head a bit–sorry babe). Both of these were sans tripod, which was obviously a mistake).

This morning, I got out my tripod and macro lens to take some photos of my succulents and of a project that I am currently working on. The succulents turned out so much better than any I have taken previously because now I don’t have to rely on myself to hold the camera still. I’m hoping to get more photos with myself in the picture, just for fun!


2 thoughts on “Currently: August 3

  1. Just zoom out a bit more when taking the self pics and then crop to your hearts desire. I’m jealous of the new wireless!

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