Downtown Life

Enjoyed the downtown Columbia life this past weekend. Got to use my camera purse and loved it. It made me feel less self conscious about carrying around my camera but I knew that it was safe with all that padding in there! Hopefully it will allow me to post a lot more quality photos from my DSLR!

First up was a Latte Art Throwdown at Kaldi’s with Brittany and Taylor. We didn’t participate, but we loved watching and trying out different foods.

 photo IMGP0002_zps6dbe6d41.jpg photo IMGP0009_zps8edf0c9f.jpg photo IMGP0010_zps391ee181.jpg photo IMGP0016_zps988484d9.jpg photo IMGP0014_zps35da764f.jpg photo IMGP0021_zpsc8c92348.jpg photo IMGP0020_zpsd539025d.jpg photo IMGP0024_zps4749cda1.jpg photo IMGP0033_zps497be20f.jpg

We ended up at BBCII and Kevin joined us for dinner! Such a great Friday night!

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