Kevin and Jacqueline Taste Columbia: Lee Street Deli

On Thursday, Kevin wanted to surprise me with the Taste of Columbia choice. It literally drove me crazy and I was looking up places trying to figure out where he was going to take me. He picked me up after he got off work and we headed toward campus. He turned on one of the streets in East Campus and I thought he was trying to throw me off. And then we parked. Not only had I never seen the place, but I had never heard of Lee Street Deli either. I made this little map with those of you who are familiar with Columbia: photo leestreetdeli_zpsf09db276.pngI could not even believe how close it is to campus. So we went in and ordered some food. The menu basically consists of juicyburgers (AKA Sloppy Joes), deli sandwiches, and hot dogs. Kevin decided to go with a juicy burger (it’s what they are known for) and I went with a sandwich. They put it all together right there while we got our drinks (they have free refills-a big plus!) and read some of the newspaper clippings about the little deli that has been there for over 80 years. It was a nice night, so we opted to sit outside on their little patio. photo IMGP0001_zps932a8602.jpgMy Turkey Melt sandwich (above) and Kevin’s Frisco Burger (below). The funny thing about this is that I don’t have one of my actual sandwich. As soon as I started eating it, I got so sidetracked that I can’t even show you how darn amazing it looked. It was the best sandwich I have ever eaten-better than Jimmy Johns, Subway, you name it. The bread, which is made fresh daily from the Upper Crust Bakery, was so soft and had the perfect taste. I thought Kevin’s tasted like sloppy joes with a little extra pepper, so nothing too fancy but I know that we would definitely go back for deli sandwiches alone. photo IMGP0002_zpsbda90343.jpg photo IMGP0005_zpsb8c52f19.jpg photo IMGP0008_zps6c254853.jpg photo IMGP0009_zpsa4d9778b.jpg photo IMGP0015_zps21143dc9.jpg photo IMGP0017_zps8d6bef9a.jpg

It was such a pretty day and after we drove through all of the old, pretty East Campus houses. This one was a particular favorite with all of the vines growing on the house.

Overall Rating: 4/5

(Note* on my sandwich rating, this one would be a 5/5)

Read Kevin’s post!

If you try it out (or have before) let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

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