Find Your Voice: Lesson Five

1. What styles are you most drawn to? Think about the things that you use on an everyday basis: clothes, household items, websites, stores, product brands, etc.

I’m drawn to a ton of different styles, depending on the day. As far as home decorating style, I am a mix between shabby chic and classic contemporary. I love mixing things up while still having functional (and comfortable) pieces. I like the lighter looks and I always seem to go for light blues and teals. I enjoy shopping in antique malls and having unique pieces. I think this is pretty comparable to my crafting style because I enjoy the girly colors and the kind of rustic look in general. Here are some of my favorite looks for home decor (*click on the picture for the link):

lesson5 lesson5(2) lesson5(3)

*There is no link for this one, if you know where it was found, please let me know!

As far as stores and clothing—I love American Eagle, The Limited, Urban Outfitters, Antique Malls, H&M, Nordstroms, target and once I start buying for my own home, I’m going to be looking at Pottery Barn and Ikea, for sure. I like these stores because they have, what I would consider, my style. I really wish that we had an Ikea close. With the clothing stores, I know that they are going to have things that fit and that I think look good on me. I like things that fit my body type. This means that I tend to go with more the more classic looks but I try to change it up with some patterns and trendy colors. I like the look of lace over a colored top and anything that can pair with my skinny jeans. My favorite outfit right now is a black maxi dress and a plain colored top.

Websites that I like consist exclusively of blogs. Here are a couple of my favorite blog designs:

Ann Marie Loves | Paislee Press | Everyday Elise | Love on Sunday

I really like these particular ones because they are not crowded up with ads and other random nonsense. I think that the column on one side is plenty and that there is no need for one both sides, it just completely overwhelms the post, in my opinion. I also think that the white background is the best. The cleaner the look, the better.

2. What is it about the style of those things that you find visually appealing? How important is functionality when it comes to style? Would you rather something be incredibly visually appealing and moderately functional or incredibly functional while only being moderately visually appealing?

I think what I like about the shabby chic and classic contemporary styles the most is that you can really throw so many different things into a room and make it work. I also like that it isn’t on the super expensive end, either, that way I can change it out when I like! I think that I could get away with more of my DIY stuff with these kinds of styles, as well. It would be hard to incorporate something rustic and hand-made out of wood in a home that is modern or even traditional.  I think functionality is so important, way more important than visual appeal. Who wants to walk into a house and feel like they cannot sit down because they will ruin the couch or be uncomfortable. Let me tell you, no one. And on the same hand, why throw away or donate something that you could easily refinish or re-purpose to fit into a different room?

With clothing, there is a time to be functional and a time to be fashionable. I tend to choose more functional because I’m at a point in my life where I’m not working a full-time job, and I rarely have to get dressed up. I like to get a lot of use out of my clothing, so it’s hard for me to justify buying a pair of shoes that can only go with one outfit. Same goes for accessories.

3. Think about a brand that you are drawn to (any brand at all). What is appealing about their branding? 

Typically, I’m not brand loyal; I go with whatever works. That being said, one brand that I do see myself buying over and over is Nike. I really love the way that their shoes fit and I have always been able to get away with using them for daily wear and running. I feel like they are always reliable and last a good year before I have to purchase new ones, which is why I like them so much. Their branding is pretty sleek and simple, yet I’m pretty sure that everyone is familiar with it.

4. Are there design elements that you would like to start incorporating into your creative projects? Are there styles that you would like to emulate, but don’t really know where to start? 

The main things that I really want to start considering before I pick out my next big creative project is will this be a lasting project and can I see myself using this in my next home. I really tried to do this when making purchases for my duplex and I really do think I’ll get plenty of use out of them, even if that means sanding/repainting/refinishing. I really want to try some more wood based projects (I have one particular project in mind) and I want to finish a quilt that I have been working on for ages.

When I’m working on mini books and scrapbooks, there are always more design elements that I want to include. Right now, I’m really loving the instax photo look. I love that you can print out a picture and just stick it in right then and there. It’s so easy and you can write straight on it to label. It’s brilliant. I also really like the look of wood veneers, die cuts and seemingly easy (but obviously not) hand-drawn elements. But I mostly want to try more hand drawn elements.

5. Make a list of the design styles, elements, and techniques that you would like to incorporate into your style. Push yourself to try at least a few new and scary things. Not sure where to start? Think of what your basic style looks like, and then try to change one thing at a time until you find something you really like.

How about, instead of listing it, I just show you pictures? (*Click on the pictures for their links!)

lesson5-elements lesson5-elements(2) lesson5-elements(3)lesson5-elements(4)There you have it. In the near future, I’ll be posting about the creative prompt!

Thank you so much for reading!

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