13 of 21 DIY Projects: Camera Bag Purse

I started seeing bags like this before I even got my camera (almost 4 years ago) and I’ve been wanting to do this project ever since. While I love having my DSLR on hand, I’m not a huge fan of carrying around a bulky case that screams, “expensive equipment!” So, I did some searching on Pinterest. Like I said, this idea has been around a while and now people are tweaking it to fit their own styles, so I found plenty of different options.

Live Laugh Eat

Vanilla and Lace

Journey of a USMC Wife

Two weeks ago, I posted an Inspiration Post that included one of these bags. I followed the tutorial closely and didn’t take many pictures (fail, I know). Anyways, I just used an old purse that I love but has lost it’s structure. This is the perfect way to reuse what you have!


So if you are interested in the one I used, the tutorial check it out HERE-it’s really easy to understand and gives complete step by step instructions.

Things to mention:

  • I used thicker foam than the original post-for a little extra protection.
  • Sewing with stripes (including chevron) is never a good choice if you are a perfectionist (and want the pattern line up).
  • If you are using a boxy purse (like this one) I suggest stitching at the corners to give it more shape.
  • Don’t buy adhesive with the sticky back. Sewing through it doesn’t work.

Here is the finished project with camera loaded up:

IMG_8053Thanks for reading!


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