Farmer’s Market Fail

On Saturday, my Dad and I went to a farmer’s market near where we live. I was stoked because the brochure we got claimed it to be a Farmers and Artists Market, which would be right up my alley. Well unfortunately, it wasn’t as great as I had hyped it up to be in my head!
It was in the parking lot of a mall, and looked to be pretty substantial in size. After we parked, I noticed that the tents were large, but there were not many tents. There were tents with the usual veggies and fruits and then a couple with handmade jewelry or soap. There was one thing that was pretty unique and caught my attention-a pot with about 20 different openings for growing veggies. It was pretty awesome but also a bit more expensive than I would be willing to pay for a pot, even if it could house that many plants. We walked around for a while, and eventually went home empty-handed.
It was a nice morning to walk around and I was happy to be hanging out with my Dad! We considered going to another market, but decided we really didn’t need more fruits and veggies at the house so we went home and washed our cars instead!


3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Fail

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