Project Life 2013: Weeks Twenty Four & Twenty Five

Twenty Four:

 photo IMGP0050_zpsa408c94f.jpg

This week was downright awesome. Same A design pages as normal with a small design I insert with the 4x4s.

 photo IMGP0051_zpsfddc739d.jpg

On Monday, I watched some friends play some sand volleyball. Thursday, we went to BBCII for $5 margarita pitchers, so yummy and they even put sugar on the rim instead of salt! Then on Friday, Kevin and I tried out a new place called Murry’s and we decided to start a blog series based on restaurants in town.

 photo IMGP0053_zps145bc6db.jpg

These pictures are from Emily’s 21st birthday.

 photo IMGP0054_zpse7f22bc9.jpg

The middle picture is from the next day when my parents came in town for Father’s Day and we all went out to lunch. The bottom one is me, working hard!

I also just found out that you can print out instagram pictures using the Walgreen’s app and they print in 4×4 so I’ll probably be trying that out next time I used a page like this!

 photo IMGP0058_zps1df74c1d.jpg

On Sunday, my parents and brother came in town for Father’s Day. We went out to eat at Flatbranch, had some dessert, and checked out Eric’s place for next year. I am so thankful that they came up to see me since I couldn’t go home. Kevin also visited me at work and snapped a picture. Perfect for project life, gotta make sure everything is documented! :)

Twenty Five:

 photo IMGP0059_zpsf7955e52.jpg

This week, I headed home for a few days. I am very thankful to have a job that allows me to have time off when I need it.

 photo IMGP0060_zps48e678f2.jpgThese flowers were absolutely gorgeous and made me wish that I had my pentax and not just my iPhone. But it works and I think this is my new favorite page.

 photo IMGP0062_zpsc3f0a55f.jpgThis was still from when I was home. Nana and Papa made some breakfast for Eric and I, so I couldn’t pass that up–so delicious! I drove back right before my shift at work on Saturday. About an hour into my shift, Kevin walks into the hotel and gives me a box of Runts, talk about a happy girl.

 photo IMGP0065_zps559b99aa.jpg

Later that night, I went to visit him and he gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. So thoughtful, sweet, and perfect for my new vase!

Thanks for reading!


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