Staycation Mini Book for Grandma

Memories of the week together: photo DEE620EC-04CB-4EF7-AD67-B779F7ED6BB4-8345-000003D1BD4FB63C_zpsb71fea15.jpg

I found this adorable little book at Achiever’s where I also bought the orange, sparkly thickers, stickers, and some flare. The book came with the flag cut outs and all of the paper already bound inside. Mia did most of it, with a little help cutting, keeping the days in order, and putting the pictures in straight. She is a girl after my own heart.

 photo E2461163-0EEC-411A-AAB1-2C5C9FB1A765-8345-000003D1C904125D_zpseecaf79f.jpg photo 000ACC2F-4768-4FDD-B411-F791E5C24EB9-8345-000003D1D0280987_zpsb3253696.jpg photo C834CE1D-5B02-43C7-BDB2-47CE21253C9E-8345-000003D1D78E3487_zps475f9667.jpg photo 5EBA4CA9-62A4-4E4D-AE57-89137A80D68A-8345-000003D1E28EC58F_zps33f7e3ba.jpg

A group of us went to the Cardinal’s game on Tuesday and another group went on Wednesday. I’m all about keeping the ticket (even if we did print it) as a nice memento.

 photo D9EF8AAB-B016-4597-BEE4-4E1EAE69AAD1-8345-000003D1EA488004_zpsd19d069d.jpg

Of course we had a silly picture which we paired with the Despicable Me 2 ticket. In the pocket on the next page, we ended up putting a Baseball Card of Fred Bird, but it was M.I.A. in this picture.

 photo 89AF86C7-D22D-4A31-A1CF-58B2432AC3C7-8345-000003D1F426B9DC_zps8bf5cdd4.jpg photo 6182D2BA-121F-4373-8CFD-51CC5CB16D5C-8345-000003D1FA84075A_zps16c11ae0.jpg

 photo FCCB110A-8515-4AC9-AF85-F3DE7F646BE8-8345-000003D2004F6A76_zps945f49fc.jpg
 photo F5300177-E5B1-4CEF-AACF-99148E9AAB17-8345-000003D206DE1191_zps8a3b0753.jpg
 photo 7B5A5622-2B52-48BE-B83E-8541FF2B076F-8345-000003D217698654_zpse02b7dc2.jpg
 photo DB5065D2-B7CC-436E-849E-E12E75B79201-8345-000003D21F368EF9_zps87781803.jpg

On the back of the book, we wrote Grandma in the big orange stickers and then used a smaller sticker that said “love you more”. Mia had all of the family sign their names, which gave it the perfect touch!

This book is my favorite so far because not only did I get to work on it with my sweet cousin, but it was also a reminder that family is the most important thing and that it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together. 

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