Find Your Voice: Lesson Three

Following this course, I want to be able to tell stories. All kinds of stories, mostly about my life and the view from my perspective. I always think it is so interesting how point of view varies with opinions and ideas and I want to share mine. When my great grandmother passed away, my uncle made copies of a book she had written in for him. It had various questions about her life and things she did and why. It was very interesting to read after knowing her my whole life, but I can’t imagine how neat that will be in the future when things have changed so much and lifestyle is completely different. How cool would it be to leave thoughts of what happened in your lifetime for future generations? I think my fascination with the past is a pretty good explanation of why I love the classics so much. I think that even though emotions, conversations, thoughts, and feelings are so similar to things that I have experienced, it also has difficulties that I could never imagine living through. This is why I want to write about big things and little things.

I think what I most want from this now is a quite place to just write. To relax and let things out-whatever it may be. Sometimes I make a big deal of things in my head when really they aren’t a big deal in real life and I think it helps me to see that better when it’s written down. It’s a way to not let emotions get bottled up, but instead write them down and learn from them. I want to work on the type of journaling that I do. Not only do I want to write for my personal PL and scrapbooks but also about what The Lord is teaching me. I have learned a ton from journals, writings and blogs of others and I would love to share what God has taught me if I know that it might encourage or help someone, even if it’s in just in a small way. It’s amazing how just going and looking back on previous things I have written have made a huge impact on things I remember and have served as encouragement to handle something differently or look at a situation in a new way. I also just want to learn from myself. I want to understand why I do the things I do and make myself a better person in the process.

As far as long term goals, I really want to work on maintaining good friendships while also initiating new ones. I want to enjoy what I do and how I spend my time. I want to worry little, and love a lot. I want to hold tight to my ideas, morals, and work ethic. I want to travel, a ton and keep records and journals of each place we visit. I want to learn from my mistakes while maintaining my self confidence. I want to help as many people as I can. I want to hold on to the people I love, and I want to enjoy life more than I ever thought possible. But how can I mesh all of this with my creative goals? I think I’ll know as I go along how that will look.

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