Find Your Voice: Goals Mind Map

 photo mindmap_zpsd11f72b2.jpg

Part of lesson three included creating a mind map comprised of life goals, creative ones, and how those can work together. I really struggled with this until after I had written out the answers to the writing prompts (this is always the case, when I was in high school I got a talking to for doing my mind map last..I guess it’s supposed to help you write the paper instead of using the paper to write the graphic…who knew?). So, I took what I had written and made a mind map out of it. It’s a bit confusing to read, especially since I chopped off some of the writing at the top, but you get the gist. I really enjoy how it looks and I really hope that I can use it to complete some of the goals that I have throughout my life! Look forward to seeing this again in my album!


2 thoughts on “Find Your Voice: Goals Mind Map

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