Weekend Wrap Up

The last week has been absolutely glorious. I left on Wednesday for the Lake and a little rest and relaxation. Kevin was already down there with his family so I was meeting up with them!

On Wednesday, Kevin and I went shopping for dinner:20130709-141317.jpgOn the 4th, we got a great seat for the fireworks show!20130709-141332.jpgI tried stand-up paddle boarding and managed not to fall off!20130709-141350.jpgEnjoyed time with Kevin and our friends Tony and Alex (who came down to the lake on Thursday). 20130709-141406.jpgWorked an 8 hour shift and then went home to celebrate my brother’s 20th birthday! Made this delicious trifle (my first ever). 20130709-141428.jpgTie Dyed some t-shirts with my sweet little cousin. She is all about the crafts, which I think is the bomb.20130709-141456.jpgCandles for Eric’s birthday cake!20130709-141509.jpgFlowers at Grandma’s!20130709-141523.jpgI am really enjoying having time off and being able to spend it all with family!

All of these photos are from my Instagram. At the beginning of the month, I made a goal to take three pictures a day in July! I have been adding many of them to my instagram account, which you can check out here or search @withinmylens.


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