Project Life 2013: Weeks Twenty Two & Twenty Three

Twenty Two:

 photo IMGP0035_zpsb4ccbfa1.jpgThis week, I started training at the hotel and I went to the lake with Kevin and Tony. We had a blast. Spent time down on the dock. When we got home, we (and by we, I mean the boys) grilled some steaks and Tony took care of the windows in Kevin’s car.

 photo IMGP0036_zpsd3725a48.jpgTook some pictures of flowers on my walk and had to get the refection of the clouds on the water. There is just nothing like it! Also, that picture of Kevin and I was a snap chat, but I had to save it!

 photo IMGP0037_zps6a4baa1c.jpg


Had to make a mention that his bed is always made with the covers pulled down, just like that. This marked the beginning of June and I was feeling the Mizzou colors.

 photo IMGP0038_zps2d53830e.jpg


That drink though.

Twenty Three:

 photo IMGP0042_zpse8c1e9ce.jpgThis was the week jobs started picking up.

 photo IMGP0044_zpsb14fba65.jpgKevin and I took a trip to Goodwill where I found a gorgeous vase!  I’m a fan of Sonic half-priced shakes after 8pm…so much food in here this week!

 photo IMGP0045_zpse791c2bd.jpg

We also celebrated by trying out HuHot. Did some more errands and had fun taking pictures at stop lights. The basil is really growing!

 photo IMGP0047_zps100e7675.jpg


This week was good.

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