Project Life 2013: Weeks Twenty & Twenty One

Week Twenty:

 photo IMGP0017_zps5750b9b6.jpg

This was finals week. Looks like tons of fun, but I tend to leave out pictures of boring things. I ended up doing well on all of my finals, which is a plus. It’s funny how when you go from constant studying and classes + extra curricular activities to 4 tests and that’s it, your life looks like this.

 photo IMGP0018_zps7a13c8a3.jpg

Found the flowers at the top on a prayer walk with Kevin, Tony, Alex, and Josh. Had to stop and take pictures too, campus was blooming like crazy. It was gorgeous. The two middle ones were taken at home (the weekend before) and the bottom ones were taken at the Brad Paisley concert!

 photo IMGP0020_zpsb538191e.jpg

Cole celebrated his 21st birthday on Wednesday. I finalized my class schedule. And a small part of our community group made it out to the big tree (my first time there!!).

 photo IMGP0021_zpsdbb6b596.jpg

I just love this picture.

 photo IMGP0022_zps7fadb28b.jpg

It’s really hard to show how big this tree really is. Here are some more pictures that I took of the Big Tree when we were there!

Week Twenty One:

 photo IMGP0025_zps19e4f6f1.jpg

All design A’s this week.

 photo IMGP0026_zps612542b1.jpg

This was a good week. First week of summer break and still no job (which had me freaking out at the time). I knew a job would be coming along soon so I remember trying to take it easy and really enjoy it. Kevin and I enjoyed my favorite wine (Moscato Life). I took three photos of the veggies and my feet.

 photo IMGP0033_zps7bcae036.jpg

I ended up putting them together and just splitting up the middle one. I really liked the look of keeping the three together.

 photo IMGP0027_zpsbb815f5c.jpg
I must have been feeling extra sassy this week because I made sure to print out that top left picture that says, “This is a list of who asked for your opinion”. Gotta love those e-cards. We also celebrated my friend Kassandra going to London. Tons of fun!

 photo IMGP0028_zps10121fa4.jpgClose up of that e-card. If you’re not familiar, check more out here!

 photo IMGP0030_zps9488f481.jpgKevin and I got to see Fast Six the night it came out, we are huge fans.


And there you have it, two more weeks in the books! Thanks so much for reading!



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