Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that I totally slacked on taking photos. photo C0E8C669-2F0B-4F45-B05E-2A9B5296E770-18304-0000086F5C57A3A6_zps36a9e826.jpgKevin’s tacos from Chipotle.  photo 31CE7BFB-0E55-4496-93D9-28A81EDCFFE8-18304-0000086F6DDFA807_zps85731c12.jpgThe boys at BBC II on Thursday night! (Taylor was there too, we just didn’t get a picture). photo 49E07521-6F12-406D-91AF-EB7FA52C9477-18304-0000086F78CB0C98_zpsec7aff15.jpg

 photo C31DF6A3-15F9-441F-B3BC-11B224C8E061-18304-0000086F988CD002_zps7b1d9c2d.jpg

Joy + a beautiful mess app
 photo 3ABF569D-DFB4-4C24-9E96-BF44D6DAFE39-18304-0000086FA0D53801_zps057082f1.jpgCoffee date Saturday morning this these pretty ladies. photo 2EBF3B58-99FE-49C0-9D07-272011958F63-18304-0000086FA68F18DC_zps56418164.jpgCarnival going on by work this weekend.

Not pictured: Apples to Apples with some pretty awesome friends, 16 hours of work, a tasty new fish recipe, and a DIY project that I will be sharing soon!

I hope that you all had wonderful weekends! Can’t believe we are finishing up June already! 


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