Find Your Voice: Mini Book Part 1

 photo IMGP0005_zpsa8e9a6f7.jpg
 photo IMGP0006_zps22f1a272.jpg
 photo IMGP0007_zpsdd1dff48.jpg
 photo IMGP0009_zps9dab6674.jpg photo IMGP0010_zps4023e001.jpg
 photo IMGP0014_zpsdc3afc22.jpg
 photo IMGP0016_zps05961126.jpgThis project makes my heart happy; the real reason I am doing this project. I am always up for a good mini book, as long as I can come up with something to put inside of it. Like I said, I really like the 6×8 pages. It came with three chip board pages (two of which I am using for the covers) and 7 thick cardstock pages in vintage-y patterns. This left no room for error and meant that I would be needing some inserts if I wanted to make each lesson more than a page long.

Because this lesson is 8 weeks and I have no idea where it will be taking me, I really wanted to separate the book into the different lessons. On the first page, I wrote “Lesson One” in fake calligraphy (a tutorial here). I added the picture I took and picked out some embellishments. I chose grow because that is what I hope to do during this 2 months. Also, this is the first mini book (or scrapbook in general) where I have limited the things I will use in my book. I find that I normally choose colors, embellishments, stickers, etc based on the page and then none of the pages really match. So, I picked out a couple of different things (washi tape, brads, stickers, die cuts, papers) that went together and then those are the only things I am going to use. I want this whole album to flow together, despite the separate lessons and writing prompts.

I am apparently going more minimalist on this book than normal. I enjoy this look, but normally fall into the habit of cramming every detail in. Trying to keep it simple and move on. I added a cute paper and then wrote part of the journal prompt on the more plain backside. I didn’t bother trying to fit every word, more just went with the things that I particularly liked and made sense with how I want the book to look and feel when people read it.

I used adhesive faux pearls to make a bit of a boarder at the bottom of the next picture. For the opposite side, I decided to cut up a project life protector. I have seen this done before, and it was so easy just cutting off the top 4×6 slot of design H (You will be seeing the rest of this sometime in the next couple weeks. Hint, don’t cut off too much of the 4×6, otherwise the pocket will no longer be a pocket.) I just stuck in some more pictures and that free quote card from Elise which comes in a set of many. On the back, I did some more journalling on a regular project life card.

The next insert is just a piece of scrap card stock folded in half, and then I used that sparkly washi tape to secure the picture. On the back, I put a picture that I had been saving for that perfect place. I have the habit of saving every single quote/idea/inspiration that I find on pinterest to my computer and then when I get an email for free photos I print these out along with whatever I am printing that week. They come in handy all the time and they are fun bits of color or inspiration that I can insert just about anywhere!

As far as the pictures go, these were almost all printed through the Walgreens app and were taken straight off instagram! Makes it super easy and you can use regular walgreens coupons for it (just google it if you don’t get their emails). The quality was a lot better than I was expecting and they print out as 4x4s, which I think is pure genius.

I am so loving this project and cannot wait to get my hands on the lesson for next week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Find Your Voice: Mini Book Part 1

  1. Wow I am so impressed with the work you’ve done so far. Your journalling is wonderful and all the pictures tell a lovely story. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with Jacqueline,
    Jo x

  2. Beautiful work so far :D I’m really looking forward to how you do with the rest of the challenge, you’re definitely off to a great start! I like your style.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog as well, it means a lot to me :)

  3. I love everything about your FYV mini book!! I like how you put a little coordinating kit together. I’ve only tried that once before, and it turned out really well. I think I need to go shopping through my stash and put something together!! I love all the pictures you included and how you did the journaling. I’ll be watching for more!

    • Thanks! This is the first time I have ever done it and it seems to be a lot less overwhelming because I can only choose from a limited number of embellishments! I’m excited to see what yours looks like!

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