Project Life 2013: Weeks Eighteen & Nineteen

I am finally all caught up on Project Life after a relatively long hiatus due to finishing up school and getting jobs. I am still working every day, but my evenings are relatively free so I have finally been able to catch up!

Here is week eighteen:

 photo IMGP0006_zps85a53cd9.jpg

I was able to buy some page protectors thanks to Hobby Lobby getting in a huge stock. I ended up buying a 60 page pack of 6 different layouts. The one on the right, is the normal one, design A and the one on the left is design D (which I think will quickly become my favorite…I just love the portrait style shots).

 photo IMGP0007_zps8f4dcb36.jpg

The left side has a numbering system this week. Instead of using arrows I just labeled the pictures one through four and then wrote about each number on the journalling card.

 photo IMGP0009_zps3f7d1be8.jpg

I seriuosly cannot get enough of this layout, I really love verticals. Unfortunately I had a bit of a hard time coming up with journalling cards that I liked horizontal.

 photo IMGP0011_zps3b7fd788.jpg

Week Nineteen:

 photo IMGP0013_zps62ab6d27.jpg

This is the spread. We have the back of the first design D page and design C on the right. This was Mother’s Day weekend and Eric, Kevin and I all went home.

 photo IMGP0015_zps7b0f0345.jpg

The first picture is my brother, trying to pick out birthday cards for my parents. The middle top two pictures was a picture that I wanted to keep all of, but didn’t mind splitting in half. This was the week before finals and Kevin and I had just come in from studying outside. The bottom two verticals are from the wineries! The top one is from Mother’s day.

 photo IMGP0016_zps45850778.jpg

The two left pictures are from the wineries and the rest are from Mother’s Day at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I am really enjoying playing around with the different page designs!



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