Find Your Voice: Intro & About

Recently, I signed up for an online workshop hosted by It’s all about telling your stories the way you want to tell them and being the author of your own adventure. I have been interested in online workshops since I knew they were a thing. I tried one out a while back, but it just wasn’t my style and I think I finally found one that is going to work for me. The good thing about this workshop is that it includes many different ways of doing things. You can participate minimally and write for yourself. You can go a little farther and blog each prompt, or you can completely craft a minibook/smash journal based on each week’s prompts.

I heard about this class on Pinterest and it was free, so I decided to sign up. I also joined the facebook group. People post what they are doing and what they are writing about so that may give me a little inspiration to figure out how I actually want to go about it. Since it is a free workshop, I added a button on the side of my page. If at any point you want to try it out it will take you straight to the FAQ/introduction page on her blog.

I will be using #findyourvoice on instagram and it will have it’s own category on this blog. If you want to see more posts about a it (or another particular topic that I blog about) just head over to the drop down menu on my sidebar and take a look!

In the next couple days, I’ll get started with Lesson One and then I’ll update you all on how it’s going!

Thanks for reading!


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