Kevin and Jacqueline Taste Columbia: Murry’s

Lately, Kevin and I have been talking about trying out new places to eat in Columbia. A lot of times, we stick to our favorites (chipotle, cheddars, etc) and so last Friday we decided to google restaurants in Columbia and we chose a place called Murry’s.

While we were there, we decided to come up with a series of blog posts devoted to our opinions about where we ate! Since we are both planning on blogging about each place, I’ll make sure to link in his post at the very bottom!

Murry’s was a really neat place that neither of us had heard of. When we got there around 6pm, the parking lot was already pretty crowded and I was a little worried about whether or not we would have to wait (we were going to see Man of Steel afterwards). But we walked right in and they sat us at a cute two person table with a pretty awesome view of the restaurant. The first thing I noticed (other than the lack of lighting) as we were being seated was that we were the only people our age in the whole place (immediately I’m wondering–hidden gem?).

We sit down and look at the menu-lots of wine options and reasonably priced food all around. We start out with the calamari.

20130621-223852.jpgNot a lot of lighting means not-as-great photos. But we really enjoyed the calamari and I’m pretty sure Kevin said it was the best he had ever had! We ordered food, Kevin had the Chicken Philly and I went for the French Dip. I also ordered some fries because everything is a la carte.

20130621-224245.jpgThe sandwich was pretty decent size and the bowl of fries was huge-together we didn’t even finish it! They also had short, fat bottles of ketchup.

20130621-224348.jpg Fun little place and apparently they have live jazz music on Saturday nights, so we might have to check them out again!

Rating: 3/5

Check out Kevin’s post here!

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