Weekend Wrap Up

Loved this weekend. On Friday, Kevin and I went to a new place for dinner (post coming soon) and then saw The Man of Steel in theaters with some friends. I have to say, the movie didn’t really meet my expectations. After watching plenty of seasons of the show Smallville, a two hour movie does very little for character development.

Saturday, was work at the hotel and Emily’s 21st birthday. Here are some pictures from that:

20130616-195643.jpgKevin, me and Brittany

20130616-195656.jpg Me and Taylor

20130616-195750.jpgBrittany, Taylor, and Kevin

20130616-195826.jpgBrittany and I

20130616-195938.jpgTony and Alex

20130616-200006.jpgEmily and Brittany
We started at a friends house and then ended up downtown at the Piano bar! Tons of fun!

Sunday, my parents and brother came in town for Father’s Day. We went out for lunch and finished up with some dessert at YoGoLuv. So thankful they came in so I could still celebrate with them!



Love them.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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