Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was busy, but exciting. I worked at the hotel for 16 hours! Kevin came to visit me while I was working and he took this picture!
20130610-144907.jpgSo far, I’m really liking this job! I like interacting with the customers and also having responsibilities during down times.
20130610-145021.jpgWe had chipotle for dinner and we always take pictures of our food. I love it. I could probably make a book entirely out of chipotle pictures.
20130610-145508.jpgOur sunglasses. Used the beautiful mess app for the editing.
20130610-145229.jpgBought some new lights for the walkway to our front door and took a photo of this little plant while I was watering!
20130610-145348.jpgEnjoyed a new smoothie recipe (I’ll share it soon) and read Dan Brown’s Inferno a ton.


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