HuHot Date

On Friday, Kevin and I went out to dinner in celebration of our new jobs! In the past week, I officially started working at the hotel and for the housekeeping company and Kevin started a new job doing marketing for a different hotel in town!

I had been to HuHot one time before and when we were talking about celebrating, I knew that this was the place. The first thing that is amazing about this place is that it has that Coke soda machine with 100 different types of soda. So first, you choose your base soda, and then you pick a flavor for it.

Picture 8_1I chose Sprite Zero with Raspberry flavor. It was pretty yummy!20130609-100402.jpgWe got some crab rangoon to start us off, and it was AMAZING. Probably one of the best crab rangoon I have ever had, and it tasted baked instead of  fried, which is always a plus in my book! Then we headed up to the grill. So, basically what you do is go up to a buffet-style line. You grab a bowl and put in what ever kind of meat that you want. Then you add noodles, veggies, eggs, etc. The last station has a ton of sauces that you can mix together. You put that in your bowl on top of everything else. Then you walk up to the grill line and hand the bowl to one of the people there. They put your food on the grill and then you watch as they chop it up (there are also other people’s food on the grill, also being chopped and turned over at the same time). Then, as the food gets cooked they move the food off the hibachi grill onto a plate and then hand it back to you.

20130609-100411.jpgHere is my plate. Might have over done with the noodles but I also got some chicken, peppers, carrots, broccoli, and the little things on top taste like wonton strips. Despite how cool it would have been, I didn’t actually use the chop sticks.

We really loved the food and enjoyed trying out different things. We wanted to try out a dessert, but we were just too full! Next time, we will have to go with a big group and get one dessert for all of us to share!

If you live in  Columbia, I super recommend this place. You can find out prices and all the menu items here.

20130609-100421.jpgAfter, Kevin and I did some errands and enjoyed how nice the weather has been up until this point. It has been really mild so far this summer, and I’m hoping it stays this way!

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