Weekend Wrap Up

Let’s just say that all of last week was basically one big weekend. I spent a TON of time job searching and calling back places that I had already applied.  By the end of the week, I finally heard back from a few places (more about that on Monday’s post) and really enjoyed the time I had before starting up the jobs. I made a point to hang out with friends and enjoy life with nothing else going on.
IMG_7173On Thursday, I hung out with my friend Linnea, and we decided to go for a walk. It had rained some previously, but looked like it was all moving away from us…guess not…
IMG_7174Here we are, absolutely drenched. I think we walked about 2 miles in the rain.IMG_7179 Thursday night, Kevin took me out to dinner at Cheddar’s. It was/is so amazing.IMG_7186 Here are our drinks, I used the Beautiful Mess app to write his & hers before posting it to instagram.IMG_7208 On Friday, we had a little get together to celebrate KP leaving for London! IMG_7215 - Copy Saturday evening, I went to the lake with Kevin and his family. The lake was so calm and the reflection was really neat.IMG_7218 - Copy Then we got to watch a beautiful sunset from Backwater Jack’s.IMG_7225Here is my drink, called A Pain in the Ass. It is half Rum Runner and half Pina Colada.
IMG_7229 Kevin and I on the dock after dinner.IMG_7234 IMG_7237Bought this sun hat for vacation!


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