Summer Life: What I’m Doing

Last weekend, this summer definitely took a turn for the interesting. After applying for more than 20 jobs, no really, 20, I finally got my hands on two options.

Thursday morning, Kevin called me telling me that a lady was interested in hiring someone who was willing to work only weekends at a hotel. I had to call her back quickly, and when I did she invited me to interview for the job the next day, happily I accepted. Not 15 minutes later, I get a call from another company that I had turned in an application for. This company is called Housekeeping Specialists. So now I had two options and no idea what either would be like.

I went to my interview on Friday, at the hotel. It lasted a whole four minutes. I was shocked after the ridiculously long interviews of chain-retailers that I had encountered in the past. This was the most laid back thing I had ever seen and they hired me on the spot. Sweet. Turns out this is going to be an evening job on the weekend, which works out well, but wasn’t quite as many hours as I wanted. I knew that the other job would be during the week only, so it sounded like it should work out well if I had to do them together.

My next interview was scheduled for Saturday. I went to the interview and it was a group interview, which I had never done before. I felt even more uncomfortable when I noticed that I was the only one wearing business attire (the others had on blue jeans). We went around telling about ourselves and what we did in high school. I was shocked when he asked what I did there and it took me a good 5 minutes 10 seconds to gather my thoughts because I haven’t thought about my high school activities in forever. I would have expected him to ask about college activities and what I am doing now, but 3 years ago? REALLY? Anyways, of course I was first and managed to sputter out the things that I did way back when. HA! He went over the company and what we would be doing, and it took quite a bit of time, an hour and a half, to be exact. Such a far cry from the previous days’ four minute interview.

Total, I should be working 25-35 hours a week, which is a good place to start. I can always pick up hours with housekeeping specialists. I start training at the hotel this evening, so hopefully I will be prepared for actual work this weekend. I am going to do orientation for the week day job next weekend, in the morning. I think that it is ironic that I am training for each job at opposite times than they actually want me to work. It will be a busy next couple of weeks with me getting into the groove of everything, but I am hoping to keep up with the blog as I already have a few posts “qued” for this week.

I really wanted to post this mainly for my family and friends who have been either helping me find jobs in the area or who have encouraged me through the whole freaking out process of not knowing what to do with my summer. Thank you. It means the world to me to have your help and I am so blessed.

One thought on “Summer Life: What I’m Doing

  1. After I graduated from college, I literally applied for 110 jobs before I got a single interview. I still have the notebook I used to keep track of which jobs I had heard from and which ones I had not. I picked a major I liked, and unfortunately, employers aren’t exactly lining up to hire sociology majors. I ended up settling on a job at a restaurant. Congrats on getting TWO jobs!

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