Workout Wednesday

This weekend, I went to the lake with Kevin and his family. The first day that we were there, we went for a walk up their hill and to the local grocery store. Here are Kevin and I after the big hill. Sadly, this is the only photo I got from that walk, which ended up being 3 miles.


I have also been doing some cross-fit style workouts, yoga, and pilates. I no longer have access to the rec at school because I am not taking classes this summer, so I have to find more things to do on my off days from running. Soon I am going to have to make plans to start running early in the morning so that I can beat the heat because it is already getting warm by 10am! I know there is a ton of running gear that caters to that, and I already have a sweet water bottle with a pocket for keys, so I’ll be using that. Right now, I listen to Spotify when I run, and I continually download new music to keep things fresh (click here-this is Kevin’s compilation, and it’s so good)! Hopefully next week I’ll have some more pictures and possibly the running plan that I am working through!


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